ArmAmp Music Player v1.16 Ad-Free Apk

By | June 17, 2017

ArmAmp Music Player v1.16 Ad-Free Apk

ArmAmp Music Player v1.16 Ad-Free Apk

ArmAmp Music Player v1.16 Ad-Free Apk

ArmAmp Music Player 1.16 Ad-Free Apk

ArmAmp is an audio player designed to be as easy to use as a desktop application. It includes basic features found in desktop players but almost impossible to find in mobile players, for example launching radio stream directly from a web browser. Also it allows advanced playback control hard to find even in desktop players, like ability to set exact frequency in every equalizer’s band.

Free version of the player may play ads. If it does they won’t be played too often.

Features include:
* Uses FFmpeg for decoding, meaning that it supports almost all audio file formats including mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, opus, real audio (*.ra), windows media audio (*.wma), monkey’s audio (*.ape), musepack (*.mpc) and many more.
* Reads playlists: m3u, ram, pls, xspf, asx, cue sheet.
* Plays local files, files on remote filesystems, and any web stream including Shoutcast radio stations.
* Built-in file browser with:
– access to audio files on local storage, Samba servers, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive (former SkyDrive) and WebDAV servers (WebDAV is supported by several clouds, for example Box, Yandex.Disk, 4shared),
– bookmarks for easy access to often used folders.
* Gapless playback:
– for audio formats that natively support gapless playback,
– for gaplessly encoded mp3,
– for any mp3 option to remove silence.
* Replay gain.
* 10–band equalizer with ability to set exact frequency, width and gain for every band.
* Preamp, postamp.
* Balance.
* Reverb – 5 different parameters can be used to set preferred sound.
* Speed effect.
* Pitch effect.
* Tempo effect.
* Crossfeed effect.
* Fade in and fade out with configurable time.
* Sleep timer.
* Can be controlled using:
– main window,
– headset and other media buttons (supported actions: play, pause, stop, next, previous),
– buttons in notification area (required Android 3.0+),
– widget (on Android 4.2+ can be placed on lockscreen).
– built-in scrobbling (no separate scrobbling app is necessary),
– love track,
– ban track.
* Displays lyrics using LyricWiki.
* Displays Shoutcast/Icecast stream information.
* Bookmarks:
– single song/stream or whole playlist can be bookmarked,
– audiobook mode – current playback time can be bookmarked.
* Playlist sorting:
– by file name,
– by tags,
– easy manual control.
* Automatic playlists containing favorites or random songs.
* Shuffle – as long as it’s possible it will not repeat songs. Also whole playlist can be randomized with similar effect.
* Tags viewer with automatic encoding detection.
* Supports devices with ARM, x86 or MIPS processors.

What’s New
– now only androids 4.1 or higher are supported
– added an option to cache remote streams on a disk (by default disabled)
– added a filter in the file browser
– added seeking to an exact time
– dropbox implementation is using a new API
– changed google drive authorization
– more than 1000 files can be shown in a google drive’s folder
– a large buffer size doesn’t slow down UI
– native http library replaced by okhttp3
– added a text size limit in selection info

Requirements: Key included | 4.1 and up

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