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Brave Browser (Nightly)

Brave Browser (Nightly) 1.46.46

Version: 1.46.46
Android version: 7.0

Brave Browser (Nightly) is a popular browser among a wide range of users, filled with the most advanced options that are just waiting to be installed in the standard version of Brave Browser. You also need to understand that the main version of Brave Browser is smoother than the one presented here. But despite this, two versions of the browser will work without problems on one smartphone.

Brave Browser (Nightly) does not have additional extensions or options that allow you to customize individual features. But despite this, the browser is well optimized, provides a stable connection and high Internet speed, by blocking annoying ads, as well as filtering Internet resources that pose a danger to your device. In other words, the Nightly version saves traffic and your time by offering features that will only appear in the official version.

Brave Browser (Nightly)
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