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Wang VPN - Fast Secure VPN

Wang VPN - Fast Secure VPN 2.2.25

Version: 2.2.25
Android version: 4.1

Wang VPN - Fast Secure VPN is a program on the Android OS that allows users to bypass various blocking of Internet resources. The main advantage of such an application is the ability to encrypt your IP address, explore content that may be blocked in your region of residence, and surf the Internet in private mode.

The advantage of this VPN is its ease of use. In order to enable it, you will need to connect to the server, depending on the available data transfer rate. Depending on how many users are currently connected to the server, the connection speed will also depend. If the connection was successful, you will be able to use blocked Internet resources without any restrictions.

Although the services of the service are distributed free of charge, the application still has advertising, as well as additional features that can be connected for money. Paid services allow you to configure certain options that help optimize the speed of your Internet connection or get additional privileges. But even without this, you will get a huge functionality that popular VPN services cannot boast of.

Wang VPN - Fast Secure VPN
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