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Chikii-Let's hang out!

Chikii-Let's hang out! 3.0.0

Version: 3.0.0
Category: Communication
Android version: 5.0

Chikii-Let's hang out! is a widescreen gaming service that allows you to be the first to try out the latest in the gaming industry for free, right on your mobile. This opportunity has become available thanks to advanced technologies in the world of cloud services. If you are familiar with a gaming platform like Stadia, then understanding the main task of Chikii will not be difficult. But the latter positions itself as a more narrowly focused service in terms of the services offered.

You need to understand that this service is very popular and if you are going to try out this or that game, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to wait some time before the turn comes to you.

Using Chikii services is not difficult: after registering an account, you will have access to the main menu, where a list of games will be displayed. Having chosen the game you like, just tap on its icon, after which you will be in the queue. The waiting list will run in the background until it's your turn. The main advantage of the platform is that games will not be downloaded to the memory of the smartphone, and due to streaming, you do not have to buy a powerful device.

Chikii-Let's hang out!
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