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Gangpire: Fire & Fury

Gangpire: Fire & Fury 1.7.0

Version: 1.7.0
Category: Action
Android version: 4.4

Gangpire: Fire & Fury is a whole mixture of game genres where you can prove yourself both as a shooter and as a strategist. The gameplay of the game is to capture urban areas and strengthen their influence on them. Your main weapon is courage and the ability to shoot accurately. At your disposal will be a gang of three people, with whom you will begin to climb the career ladder. You have to deal with bank robberies, racketeering and increase your authority. The opposing side will be aggressive groups that want to establish control over your territory, as well as police officers who will interfere with all parties to the conflict.

Be careful, and try to occupy not only the fighting, but also keep an eye on the financial component. For this purpose, you will need faithful assistants who will take on part of the work. Establish a business in the acquired territories that will bring you additional dividends and help you expand your influence in the rest of the city. Also, do not forget to find allies whose military assistance will help you become a crime king.

Gangpire: Fire & Fury
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