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Grand Criminal Online: Heists

Grand Criminal Online: Heists 0.41.12

Version: 0.41.12
Category: Action
Android version: 6.0

The popularity of the legendary GTA series dates back to ancient times, which in turn led to the emergence of similar games, which is what Grand Criminal Online: Heists is. This project offers us the same opportunities. In this series, we have to play the role of one of the members of a street gang, on whose shoulders the most difficult and dangerous tasks will fall.

This is a completely open world with a third-person view, where we can fully control our hero. The main advantage of this series is a huge selection of opportunities, thanks to which we will explore this universe by completing dangerous missions, driving cars and gang shootings. Tasks are a separate world, with their own rules, the implementation of which will allow you to reach the very top in the criminal hierarchy.

Grand Criminal Online boasts detailed graphics, elaborate visual effects and a dynamic storyline that will evolve as you progress through the game's missions. In addition, if you are bored with a single company, then you can always try yourself in a cooperative mode with your friends.

Grand Criminal Online: Heists
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