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Marshmello Music Dance

Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.8

Version: 2.0.8
Category: Arcade
Android version: 5.0+

Marshmello Music Dance is a musical arcade game for those who can feel the rhythm. In this game, you, in the person of the famous musician Marshmello, will jump on platforms that will follow the beat of the musical rhythm. This work requires attentiveness and good hearing from the player, as hitting the beat will cause your character to fall into the abyss. The complexity of the levels will also not stand still. Gradually advancing through the game, you will unlock new songs, the difficulty of which will increase, requiring high concentration and perseverance from you.

In addition to good music, Marshmello Music Dance boasts beautiful visuals. Each level will be a mixture of colors and music, in which you will feel like a famous DJ. The musical component requires special attention and includes the most popular tracks that can be heard on the top charts.

Marshmello Music Dance
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