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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Category: Brain puzzle
Android version: 5.0+

Bubble Shooter is a fun arcade game, the purpose of which is to clear the screen filled with bubbles by shooting them from a special cannon. You will have a clip of bubbles of different colors at your disposal, with which you need to accurately fire at the target and try to clear the field in the minimum number of shots. This will be an indicator of the successful completion of the level, at the end of which you will receive bonus points, as well as a reward in the form of stars.

To perform tricky shots in Bubble Shooter Viking Pop! shows the trajectory of the balloon. Using this function correctly, you can knock out the maximum number of bubbles in one shot. In addition, for a good game, you will receive combo balls that allow you to shoot at a target, regardless of its color.

According to the story, small dragons are hidden in these bubbles, by releasing which you will earn extra points and move further along the story.

Bubble Shooter
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