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Evo Pop

Evo Pop 2.10

Version: 2.10
Category: Logical
Android version: 6.0

Evo Pop is a huge world in which you will have the opportunity to try yourself as an invader. Evo will act as the invader - small cubes capable of multiple division. This gameplay feature will allow you to expand your influence in the proposed location. The game task is that you need to absorb all your opponents, who will have the same properties as you. Tactics and the ability to quickly analyze the situation play a decisive role. Your Evos will constantly divide, filling up the nearby space. Also, the rate of their division is affected by eating plants and, in fact, enemies. After you destroy the enemy team, the level will be counted.

For a successful passage, you will receive prizes and coins that you can spend on pumping your skills. So for example your Evos can combine into a big Evo and capture territory at double the speed. During the passage of EvoPop, you will unlock other skins, which will also affect the properties and manner of passing the game.

Evo Pop
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