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Minecraft 1.19.10

Minecraft 1.19.10

Category: Minecraft Apk
Android version: 5.0

Minecraft 1.19.10 is another update package that will allow players to enjoy optimized gameplay and other fixes that have been made to the game. The developers tried to listen to the feedback of the players and made a lot of changes, which you can see below.

Main changes:

  • Now the desired biome can be found using the command '/locate biome <Biome name>';
  • The list of /execute command options has been increased (you need to activate the option “Future features of the creative mode”);
  • Added new inscriptions in the main menu of the game;
  • Players on iOS devices no longer need to download music from the marketplace;
  • When destroying Spawner mobs with a pickaxe, you can now only get experience;
  • Traveling vendor llama now possesses his own egg;
  • Bushes with berries can now be grown on: mangrove roots, dirt and earth with roots;
  • If the user holds the jump key, the character will constantly jump;
  • The darkness effect now works in the Nether and the End;
  • Speshik will dance if you turn on the music from the tape recorder and stop dancing if he flies a long distance from the music;
  • Haste can copy himself by throwing an Amethyst Shard at him while he is dancing.
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