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Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Beta

Category: Minecraft Apk
Android version: 5.0

Minecraft Beta is a test build from the Mojang studio, where its employees made another list of innovations, as well as fixed critical bugs found during testing of the previous version of the game. The main list of changes can be found below.


  • Bushes with sweet berries are now available for planting in their own beds;
  • Reduced the texture of the Grass Path and Bed;
  • The Ravager's movement speed and size have been increased.

Corrected mistakes:

  • Fixed shaking of shells that ended up in the mud;
  • Fixed all handheld interface bugs;
  • The user can get stuck if they hit Dirt or Soul Sand;
  • The Evoker's Bite will now deal damage to the Ravager.
  • Mud does not cover the entire screen if the player is in it;
  • Fixed the trajectory of Frogs and Fish when looking for a path while in mud.

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