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Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Beta

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Android version: 5.0

Minecraft Beta is another test package aimed at troubleshooting past versions of the game, as well as making adjustments to the work of the main world generation structures. In addition to the fix, the developers have tried to optimize the touch control of the hero on the smartphone.

Updated management

Mojang studio staff have made some changes for updated controls in the mobile version of the game. So far, they are open for testing in Minecraft Preview.

  • There is an updated screen where you can change controls;
  • Activating the automatic jump mode allows you to quickly get out of the water onto land;
  • In creative mode, the timer for breaking the first block has been increased to 800 milliseconds, which reduces the number of accidental hits;
  • Double-tapping the descend button will now deactivate flight mode if the player is using the touch joystick.
  • Changed positions of effects in the user interface;
  • Optimized the separation of items in the inventory;
  • A player does not lose a level upon death if in Spectator mode, and no experience can be gained from such players.

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