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Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Beta

Category: Minecraft Apk
Android version: 5.0

Minecraft Beta is a beta version of the sandbox that fixes a fairly large list of problems that were quickly discovered by Mojang studio employees. In addition, the developers have made useful changes, which you will read below.

Major changes

  • The boundaries on which the Enderman can move have been reduced to a 32x32x32 field. This is done so that this mob does not disappear during teleportation from the world;
  • The respawn of the Drowned is once again possible in areas where the warm ocean is located;
  • The game has new splashes;
  • Optimized player running when using updated controls;
  • Disabled the display of capes when the player is in Spectator mode.

Bugs fixed

  • The background on which the name of the mob is displayed no longer shifts;
  • Fixed flag texture bugs in structures;
  • Improved textures on loaded maps;
  • Fixed crash caused by unpainted shulkers;
  • The soundtrack on the PlayStation 4 consoles received additional effects.

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