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Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Beta

Category: Minecraft Apk
Android version: 5.0

Minecraft Beta is a test update package that includes an upgrade of the spectator mode, as well as improves the stability of the game in general. There are a lot of changes, so you can find the full list below.


  • The audio package is now imported into the game itself for Android devices;
  • When entering the '/kill' command on another user in the creative game mode, an informing notification will pop up;
  • Fluffy Snow interaction effects no longer work on Spectator players.
  • Beasts with leashes no longer chase players in Spectator mode;
  • While sprinting, Spectators will not leave walking particles behind them.

Bugs fixed

  • The volume of a text-to-speech translation will depend on the user's volume setting;
  • When using the /kill command on ships with chests, the chests will eject all contents;
  • If you eat the Stew, the empty plate will remain in the same place in your inventory. This also applies to potions;
  • Drowned respawns no longer occur in warm oceans;
  • Improved the textures of materials that are under water;
  • Items will no longer get stuck in water if they are on the very edge.

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