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Minecraft Beta

Minecraft Beta

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Android version: 5.0

Minecraft Beta is another weekly collection of fixes released by the game's developers. This release does not introduce any new gameplay changes, but fixes critical bugs that players have complained about.


  • The projectile fired by the Shulker will no longer follow the player in Spectator mode;
  • Players in Spectator mode are now invisible to normal users;
  • NPCs no longer disappear from the map when there is a user on the server who is in Spectator mode;
  • If a player kills a mob with a weapon whose name has been changed, its name will appear in the chat;

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs and ships to disappear when going through a portal
  • Explosions no longer crash the game
  • Reduced the size of messages informing about death;
  • Fixed an issue with the world generation button not working properly.
  • Fixed crashes when the user was playing in split screen.

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