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Gacha Club

Gacha Club 1.1.0

Version: 1.1.0
Category: Simulators
Android version: 4.0

Gacha Club is an entertaining arcade game with a variety of creative possibilities, in which you can create your own hero by working on his appearance and wardrobe. After the character is ready, you can enter the arena where you will compete with other heroes of this arcade. In addition to the editor mode and arena battles, there are also mini-games where you can test your wards in various challenges.

The editor in Gacha Club is a separate mode that offers you a full range of creative options. This mode allows you to edit any element of the hero's appearance, including eye size, skin color, hairstyle, and facial expressions. The range of customization is impressive, and doesn't even include possible wardrobe options.

In studio mode, you can work on individual storyline scenarios. Here you can unleash your creative potential by assigning a role to each character. In addition, Gacha Club does not require a constant Internet connection and offers all its features for free.

Gacha Club
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