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Age of Apes

Age of Apes 0.41.4

Version: 0.41.4
Category: Strategies
Android version: 5.0

Age of Apes is a colorful online strategy game where the main characters are monkeys who are constantly fighting for territories. You have to become the leader of one of these monkey clans and together expand the boundaries of their possessions. These creatures are very cunning and for the sake of their goals, they are ready to declare war on anyone who wants to encroach on their possessions. You, as the chief commander of these troops, will have to deal with strategic issues, which include building a base, strengthening the borders of the base, pumping heroes, and extracting resources.

The world of Age of Apes is a huge map that will open up new lands for you as you advance military. In addition to the extraction of resources, which are an important part of any strategy, do not forget to upgrade your troops, as other players also target your possessions and nearby resources. In-game alliances are also welcome and allow you to create a truly strong clan.

Age of Apes has an in -game chat where you can find out the latest news or chat with your allies. Also, do not neglect daily tasks for which you can get valuable items or game points.

Age of Apes
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