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KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus

KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus 7.0.3

Version: 7.0.3
Android version: 4.4+

KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus is a handy utility that must be on every Android device without fail. This is a multifunctional application that allows you to manage your smartphone's memory by deleting unnecessary files, thereby improving its performance.

Absolutely every smartphone, after a while, begins to sink in its performance. This is due to system processes that are not doing their job but require system resources. In this case, clearing the memory, both main and operational, is considered the best way out. For these purposes, Keep Clean is used, which will remove unnecessary files and will not harm your smartphone.

In addition, KeepClean has a built-in antivirus that allows you to scan downloaded files for viruses that can harm your data. The functionality of the application is huge, and includes settings that can increase the speed of the Android device several times. Just run the utility at least 2 times a month, and your smartphone will work like new.

KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus

Download KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus

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