PlanIt! Pro for Photographers v4.7 Apk

By | October 13, 2015

PlanIt! Pro for Photographers v4.7 Apk

PlanIt! Pro for Photographers v4.7 Apk

                                                       PlanIt! Pro for Photographers v4.7 Apk

This is a special call to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers or those who are especially interested in night photography, skyline, time-lapse, star-trail and milky way or astrophotography: look no more, this is the ultimate app for you – the PlanIt!

Ansel Adams dedicates the beginning of his first book “Taos Pueblo” to visualization. He introduced the idea of “previsualization”, which involved the photographer imagining what he wanted his final print to look like before he even took the shot. Of course there are many great photos which were taken impromptu. However, for landscape photographers, being able to previsualize the scene before going there will greatly reduce the chance of being caught unprepared and will greatly increase the chance of getting better shots.

Photographers use various tools to help them pre-visualizing the scene. Nowadays, many of those tools are phone apps. PlanIt! is all-in-one solution that is designed to leverage the map and simulated viewfinder technologies (VR, AR etc.) to provide the necessary tools for photographers to pre-visualize the scene in combination with the Sun, Moon, Stars and Milky Way. Some questions that you might ask yourself before going out for a photographing trip are:

* Where is the Sun or the Moon at the time and the location and to see the animation of the Sun/Moon/Stars/Milky Way movements as in real?

* When and which azimuth is the Sunset or Sunrise today or on any date at any location around the world?

* Where should I go to get a nice view of the scene and possible compositions?

* Do I get a clear view of subject from a certain location where is no mountain blocking the view?

* What lens should I bring in order to capture the whole width or the height of the scene?

* If the scene is too wide, how many shots do I need to take to create a panorama and how many angle should each shot cover and how many angle should I rotate the camera between each shot?

* How do I compose the scene considering the subject’s elevation and the sun or moon location?

* Is tonight a good time for star trail photography? How long can I exposure without being affected the rising moon?

* What are the dates and times to have Milky Way at certain position on the sky?

What’s New
v4.7 bug fixes

Requires Android: 3.0 and up

Google Play Store

Download from Userscloud

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